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Dongguan LinBiao Hologram Manufacturer, as a all-in-one service company, concentrates on manufacturing and developing high-tech anti-fake products, which have been offering the best services, as well as the latest holographic designs for laser hologram printing products.
Service Scope 
We supply such two anti-fake services as laser hologram and telegraph code, manufactured by the latest laser hologram designs or by clients’ original patterns. The whole manufacturing process adopts an enclosed operation during an dirt-free atmosphere so as to optimize all the products for customers
Customer coverage
Our customers cover the mainland of china, Southeast Asia, Europe and America..
Our temet 
With a innovating mind, our company possessing professional research team, is devoted to development of advanced technology for laser hologram anti-fake products. Our aim is to gratify customers’ needs that consolidate the products’ functions and lower their costs.
Laser hologram products are wildly applied to, such as beverage and foodstuff, medicine and health care product, toys, cosmetics, hardware, electronic products, home appliances, chemical and industrial products, household items, plastic products, clothing accessories, automobile and motorcycle accessories, computer accessories, energy, lighting products, textile and leather, instruments, building materials, office equipments, sporting goods, agricultural products,
gift and artwares, etc.
Main business 
holograms, laser holographic security labels, the 800 telegraphic code trademarks, OPP transparent laser anti-fake film, laser anti-fake packaging materials, two-dimensional and three-dimensional holographic anti-fake production..

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