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Hologram is a three-dimensional image, with the traditional photos to be much different. The traditional photo showed a real physical image, and the hologram is recorded objects include the size,shape, brightness and contrast and other information. The information stored in a very small but very complex interference patterns. This interference pattern is generated by the laser. From the three-dimensional objects out of light reflection on the formation of a very complex three-dimensional interference patterns. To record the whole model, the use of light must be strictly targeted, but the same color. This light is called coherent light. Because the laser light with a single color, and all - Waves are coordinated simultaneous, laser hologram is to produce the ideal source. When you light exposure hologram, stored in the information in the interference pattern will help to Radio-reflective objects out by the reproduction of the original ball-RUF. Your eyes and the brain will feel like the original also appear on objects in front of you. Holography Is to achieve true three-dimensional image of the recording and reproduction technology. The image called hologram. And other three-dimensional "image" does not like is that the hologram provides a "disparity." The existence of disparity can be made by the observer before and after the move up or down and around to observe the image of the different image - seems to have a real objects where the same. Holographic technology is the University of London's Imperial College, Dr Dennis Gabor of the invention. He was also a result of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics. Initially, Gabor Dr. just want to enhance the resolution scanning electron microscope. In the early 1960s, a researcher at the University of Michigan and Leith Upatnieks create the world's first 3D hologram group. During this period of time, the former Soviet Union's Yuri Dennisyuk also began to be produced by ordinary white Watch the hologram. Now, the continued development of holographic technology has provided us with more accurate three-dimensional image.

Hologram is how to create the ?
In your shops, art centres and other places to see a lot of holograms are produced in specialized laboratories. Typical of the laboratory production of holograms, including a laser, an optical platform of preventing earthquakes, prisms, mirrors, optical-and support a variety of other ancillary equipment. Produced hologram also need a darkroom.
As long as these equipment and a suitable laboratory environment, an amateur can also create hologram. Manufacturing prices very low but not performance.
Professional equipment comparable to the holographic equipment is possible. With the birth of low-cost laser diode, more and more people are capable of producing holograms.

What does the hologram ?
Hologram in art, science and technology, many uses. It could be used in the packaging of some products can be posted on the cover of the publication, but also can be used for credit cards, driver's license or even clothing to prevent counterfeiting. A one-sided medical images (such as a CAT scanning images) can eventually create three-dimensional holographic.
Fig. Computer-generated hologram can also enable engineers and designers design drawings were unprecedented visual effects. Engineers can in the production process.
Use of holograms inspection products that may occur in the cracks and quality control. The technology is called holographic nondestructive testing. Hologram also used for many civilian and military.Aircraft. Pilots in the cockpit look at the window, holographic map they offer a lot of important information. This is called the smart display. Now, can only be displayed in a These cars can be seen. Artists can use the holograms to create. Many artists feel that their holographic map provides a three-dimensional and pure.
Of the space so that they can express some of the "traditional" media can not express the images and information. Perhaps one day, the photon would like today's electronic one.
You like to enter the computer network. On this day come, holograms will be used for storing information. This is called digital holographic storage (HDS). With HDS, you can Fangtang size in a store the size of the entire Library of Congress information.

How to watch the hologram ?
Most of the hologram on sale in the market is "white reflection" hologram. Reflection hologram popular is because you can give it inserts box and hung on walls. To see a reflection hologram, you need a light exposure to it. This is generally light on the ceiling lights, belt clip or the lamp. The hologram linked to the appropriate height on the wall so that the light source about 45 degrees from the perspective of its exposure. Leaving the image of about six feet from the viewing images. Height, angle and distance can be adjusted to make the best observation. Observation hologram of the best lights are clean halogen bulbs, clean the incandescent bulbs can also. Light bulbs must be clean, no guitar fog. A node will have a light mist of vague holographic images, such as fluorescent lamps like.
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